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The Character of Entrepreneur Owner-Managers

Leading an organization is challenging work. Being the owner, manager, cheerleader, and chief bottle washer can be rewarding, but exhausting. Sometimes it helps to learn about how others go about building their businesses so you can see that there are specific character strengths that you share with other successful, high-performing EOMs. Turns out that we share them too.

Building Enterprise Value

Do you want to build your positive legacy? Do you want a capital gain someday? What are the key drivers of Enterprise Value in your business? They are knowable, and you and your team can act on them.

The Private Transaction Market

Most owner-managers’ knowledge base of the how the private market works is limited and feels like a disadvantage when considering a capital gain someday. We want to change that. The private transaction market is completely different from the public one and is characterized by asymmetry of risk, experience and information.

Building Your Advisory Team

Teams work best when members are focused on the same goal and there is role clarity. Objectivity, insight, energy, chemistry, and sense of humor are some characteristics of advisors you want working with you. Who’s on your team?

Capturing Enterprise Value

What EOMs have - a high performing private niche business - is rare and valuable. What investors have is a commodity. What factors should you consider when working with an M+A Advisor and taking the steps to finding your next majority investor?


Choosing your next new majority investor impacts not only financial considerations but also how you will be remembered. How will your hard work be built upon? How will the change register with the employees who helped build your business?   Your positive legacy will be felt across many constituencies.

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Positive Enterprise Value Blog

The destination for the latest thought leadership on how the character of EOMs influences decision making.

Positive Enterprise Value Podcast

Personal, unscripted interviews with high-performing Entrepreneurs from both for-profit and not-for-profit enterprises. Available for download.


Short films, interviews, and profiles of successful Entrepreneur Owner-Managers and the Bigelow team.

Bigelow Forum

Our annual invitation-only gathering of successful Entrepreneur Owner-Managers.

Sharing what EOMs have learned – and have had to unlearn – to build and unlock Enterprise Value in the private transaction market.


In-depth thinking on the creation and realization of Enterprise Value, and the life experience of Entrepreneur Owner-Managers.

Titles relevant to Entrepreneurs at every stage, from building the value of a business to securing a meaningful legacy.


Our latest research, studies, and analysis in the fields of Enterprise Value, risk analysis and the character of Entrepreneur Owner-Managers.