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Pete Worrell's latest thought leadership on how the character of EOMs influences decision making.

How is it that some privately owned businesses end up with terrific new majority owners, the Entrepreneur Owner-Managers (EOMs) moving gracefully into the next interesting and rewarding chapter of their lives, surrounded by friends, their positive legacy assured, their independence powered by the fortune just realized…while others’ outcomes look more like a train wreck? Is it merely luck, or is it more than that?

We think it’s more than luck. Successfully striving for achievement, and ultimately fulfillment, leaves clues. Deconstructing the behavior of the highest performing EOMs lets us learn a lot about peak performance and optimal experience. Here, we share those learnings with you.

How Much of Our EOM Behavior is Fear of Loss?

As Entrepreneur Owner-Managers (EOMs) build their businesses, one massive uncertainty we face is the number of decisions about and among the proliferation of marketing and selling channels—wholesale, online, retail, catalogue, big box, boutique, branded, private label, others.  One major driving force in the growth of some businesses over the last ten years has been their decision to sell to—or concentrate in—online customers like Amazon, or in the big box retail channel….

Is There Life After A Capital Gain?

This panel was recorded at the 2018 Bigelow Forum. In this week’s episode, we have a really rich learning opportunity, because, more than our usual interview of a single person, we actually have a panel of successful high-performing entrepreneurs who speak very candidly…

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Learning or Un-learning?

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