Yes, we are different.
It's intentional.

We hope to be judged not by what we say, but what
we do...and what we don't do.

We Do...

Work exclusively with Entrepreneur Owner-Managers.
Our focus is consistently on building and capturing Enterprise Value.
Select our Clients Carefully, Deliberately, Intentionally.
Our work brings the most value to owners of high-performing businesses who seek a mutually trusting, mutually profitable relationship.
Invest our Time with Clients on a Whatever it Takes Basis.
We are infinitely patient. We compress time, but there can be no careless or slapdash rushing to achieve superior outcomes.
Understand our Clients.
When we deeply understand Entrepreneur Owner-Manager’s personal and professional motivations, our work sets them free to achieve their potential.
Create Positive-Sum Games.
There is always a win-win between our clients and their ultimate investor which ensures positive legacy.
Bring the Right Groups Together.
The right fit of values, culture, and alignment by the best investors always unlocks superior Enterprise Value.
Strive to Continually Improve, Build On our Experience, and Bring More Value to EOMs.
We continuously analyze our performance, seeking to become even better at our craft.
Freely Share our Learning.
Successful EOMs leave clues. Key inputs for optimal decisions are frequently knowable. Drawing on our scar tissue, we have created thought leadership highlighting those “breadcrumbs” from others who have gone before them.

We Don't...

Work for Investors. Ever.
Our only source of revenue is exclusively from EOMs.
Provide a Range of Services.
We have only one service for exclusively one kind of client.
Believe in so-called Industry Specialization.
Experience proves creative strategies informed by wide industry exposure results in superior client outcomes.
Take on Average Clients.
We only work with high-performing EOMs and their businesses as we bring the most value to them.
Receive or Pay Referral Fees.
Our only source of revenue is incentivized compensation based upon great client outcomes.
Write "books" or Prospectuses.
We have a two-way dialogue with all investors using technology-enabled tools that maximize confidentiality.
Go It Alone.
Working with clients we assemble a multi-disciplinary advisory team, each an expert in their domain.
Ever Give up Negotiating Leverage to Investors.
EOMs have what is rare and valuable. We behave like it. The client maintains a competitive environment and control.