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Inspiring Videos Your Crowning Achievement Or Your Biggest Regret?
Crowning Achievement

Your Crowning Achievement Or Your Biggest Regret?

February 10, 2021

Are you willing to plan for the succession of the management and ownership of your enterprise with the same enthusiasm and positive energy with which you took over the leadership of your enterprise all those years ago?

Summer comes to an end, the baseball season concludes, in life, we are all “terminal,” right? Even We Happy Few: Entrepreneur Owner-Managers. If you have exercised leadership of the business up to now, why wouldn’t you generously give of your leadership to assure its success after you?

In this brief video, Stephen McGee uses his trademark dry British humor coupled with twenty years of empathy and insight to think aloud with you about how executing a plan for your business’ next chapter can literally be your crowning achievement. 

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