How do we transform an EOM’s Life Work into an Enduring Legacy?

Entrepreneur Owner- Managers are a unique species. They care more. Because we have worked with hundreds of them, we appreciate, empathize, and understand them. We like them. We think of our work with them as our calling. We believe that EOMs are the most powerful pro-social and pro-economic force on the planet.

Here are several videos showcasing some of the lessons we have learned from our Entrepreneur Owner-Manager clients and friends

Hope you enjoy them.

 $Billions of Enterprise Value Created with Hundreds of EOMs

High-performing EOM businesses are rare and valuable.They merit unique methods to choose new owners. The right fit of values, culture, and alignment by best investors always unlocks superior Enterprise Value. Our broad cross industry experience gives us the widest field of visions to investor opportunities. Let us show you the data...

I was reluctant to believe that Bigelow’s unique approach would lead to a better outcome.Now I have seen how an outsider’s eye with unique positioning, more preparation, and the Bigelow way, not only allowed us to find the best partner, but also added a large premium to what the ‘industry experts’ said was possible.
Ross Silverstein | Founder and Chief Executive Officer iPROMOTEu.com, Inc.
“The transaction was its own journey. You guys spent an enourmous amount of time getting to know us and clearly it’s part of your culture to do that. And that was extremely impressive to see. It was clear that you do things differently.”
Cameron Healy, Founder & Former Owner of Kettle Chips Inc. and Board Member & Principal Investor SeQuential-Pacific Biodiesel, LLC
“The experience of working with you each individually and collectively as a team has been one of the most rewarding of my professional life and from a family perspective we are very grateful to have had that opportunity.”
Mike Fallona, President On Target Utility Services
“Having failed at managing a transaction ourselves, we had no idea what an M+A advisor could do. Bigelow kept us in control and got it closed. We got to choose our partner and the valuation was more than 50% higher than our prior deal that didn’t close. In a word…TREMENDOUS.”
Duane Dunn, President Dunn Industries, Inc.
“We couldn’t have done it without Bigelow. The breadth and experience of the Bigelow team was indispensable—if we didn’t have your skill set, I don’t think the deal would have gotten done. Thank you for keeping us sane.”
Jay Jacobs, Founder and CEO Rapid Manufacturing Group

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