The Bigelow Forum

Our annual invitation-only gathering of successful Entrepreneur Owner-Managers. Sharing what EOMs have learned – and have had to unlearn – to build and unlock Enterprise Value in the private transaction market.

Active participants. Vigorous dialog. Common experiences. Deeper understanding.

This is the Bigelow Forum.

2018 Forum

The Bigelow Forum is an invite-only gathering for EOMs of high-performing private businesses. This event is an opportunity for successful private business owners to candidly explore, discover and learn from each other’s experiences -and then use this collective learning to continue to build their enterprises, their legacy and their lives. We look forward to 24 hours of stimulating conversation and new relationship building.

This year’s forum will take place on September 13th and 14th at the historic Wentworth By The Sea hotel in New Castle, NH.

Steven Pinker will open our 2018 Forum with a keynote speech centered around his recent book, New York Times Bestseller, Enlightenment Now.  Pinker’s book includes hard data that concludes that the world is better off than ever before despite the media’s constant exposure to negative events and inaccurate statistics.  We will conduct a live interview of Pinker afterwards which should provide further insight on his thoughts of our future.

steven pinker