The Bigelow Forum

Our annual invitation-only gathering of successful Entrepreneur Owner-Managers. Sharing what EOMs have learned – and have had to unlearn – to build and unlock Enterprise Value in the private transaction market.

Active Participants. Vigorous Dialogue. Common Experiences. Deeper Understanding.

This is The Bigelow Forum.


The Bigelow Forum is an invitation-only gathering for Entrepreneur Owner-Managers of high-performing private businesses and their spouses. The event is an opportunity for successful private business owners to candidly explore, discover, and learn from each other's experiences and then use this collective learning to continue to build their enterprises, their legacies, and their lives. We look forward to 24-hours of stimulating conversation and new relationship building.

Here are some pictures from The Bigelow Forum 2019.

Forum Panel 2019
Cocktail Hour
Forum Group Shot
Bigelow Forum 2019

See what attendees had to say about this year's Bigelow Forum!

"This is the only place where entrepreneurs can have conversations with eachother that they can't have anywhere else."

"Everybody here is a founder and that makes the Forum so different than any other 'entrepreneur' group or club."

"What's so cool about the forum is that you learn how to head into the unknown well prepared."

"We spend most of our time talking to customers and employees so it's really refreshing to talk to others that are going through the same things we are at home."

"We've needed a Forum like this for 13 years, since we started the business."

"This is the sort of thing I do not normally attend but it was very enjoyable and thought provoking."

"Gathering with like-minded people is so validating (and lots of fun)!"

"Whatever phase one is in, there is always knowledge to be gained and given at the Forum."

"The gathering of this unique community of participants was simply unlike any other."