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Transaction Experiences Bigelow Advises Resource LabelGroup, LLC on its Acquisition By Lineage Capital, LLC
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Transaction Experience

Bigelow Advises Resource LabelGroup, LLC on its Acquisition By Lineage Capital, LLC


With state-of-the-art plants in Franklin and Memphis, Tennessee, RLG prints high-quality pressure-sensitive labels, extended text / booklet labels, and coupon labels using water-based flexographic and ultra-violet rotary letterpress printing technology. The fast growing, highly profitable RLG is known for its outstanding customer service, including lead times of days, not weeks. The Company’s customers are primarily in the Southeast and operate in a broad range of end markets, including consumer product, food, beverage, chemical, industrial, and pharmaceutical markets.

Lineage Capital

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Lineage Capital is a private investment firm focused on partnering with family-controlled and owner-managed middle market businesses. Lineage offers a unique partnership with owners by utilizing flexible equity structures to provide shareholders and management with liquidity, continued control, and meaningful ongoing equity ownership.

Resource LabelGroup, LLC (“RLG”) (Franklin, Tennessee), a leading pressure-sensitive prime label converter, announced that it has been recapitalized by Lineage Capital, LLC, and Company Management. Additional capital was provided by CapitalSource Finance, LLC and Hartford Investment Management. This transaction is the successful culmination of an initiative led by The Bigelow Company LLC to provide a value-maximizing liquidity event for the majority shareholder of RLG, while simultaneously providing ongoing management the opportunity to reinvest alongside smart capital to bolster management’s growth plan.

“After interviewing many of the leading middle market investment banks nationwide – I met one that had the characteristics I had been seeking. Bigelow has the fire power of Wall Street but the feel and compassion of Main Street.” Clayton D. Smith, President Resource LabelGroup, LLC
“Bigelow worked hard to uncover the aspects that supported what we intuitively knew – that RLG performed differently than other label printers. Who knew that such an investor even existed?” Darrell Stallcup, Founder Resource LabelGroup, LLC

Franklin, Tennessee

has been acquired by

Boston, Massachusetts

The undersigned initiated this transaction
and acted as M+A advisor to
Resource LabelGroup, LLC.

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