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EOM Stories Resource LabelGroup, LLC Acquired By Lineage Capital, LLC
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EOM Stories

Resource LabelGroup, LLC Acquired By Lineage Capital, LLC


Tennessee-based Resource LabelGroup, LLC (“RLG”) is a fast growing converter of pressure-sensitive prime labels. The Company possesses a compelling business model distinguished by a focus on premium complex labels (including extended text labels) with industry leading lead times (days instead of weeks).

Bigelow Assignment

Obtain a liquidity event for RLG’s retired, out-of-state, majority owner.


Mitigate RLG from being painted by a jaded industry brush (i.e. typical label converters / printers have low margins, high capital requirements = perceived low value). Bigelow also had to overcome the potential negative perception associated with the retiring majority owner, while providing current management (significant minority owners) a compelling transaction from an ownership and ongoing operational role point of view.

“After interviewing many of the leading middle market investment banks nationwide – I met one that had the characteristics I had been seeking. Bigelow has the fire power of Wall Street but the feel and compassion of Main Street.” Clayton D. Smith, President Resource LabelGroup, LLC
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“Bigelow worked hard to uncover the aspects that supported what we intuitively knew – that RLG performed differently than other label printers. Who knew that such an investor even existed?” Darrell Stallcup, Founder Resource LabelGroup, LLC


Bigelow led a proactive process to acquire the right new investor for RLG. Key success components included: articulating RLG’s unique differentiation to prospective investors; build the credible case for continued growth; create a tailored process of going wide to screen many potential investors but share confidential proprietary information with only a narrow, select group.

Multiple offers that exceeded typical industry valuation metrics were obtained. The majority owner received a premium exit valuation while management simultaneously selected their preferred financial partner, Lineage Capital LLC. The transaction structure afforded management partial liquidity of their interest, future up-side through equity and performance incentives, commitment of additional growth capital at the closing, and most significantly, operational control.

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