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Positive Enterprise Value Blog The Power of Entrepreneur Owner-Manager Peer to Peer Groups
The Power of Entrepreneur Owner-Manager Peer to Peer Groups

The Power of Entrepreneur Owner-Manager Peer to Peer Groups

March 1, 2023

1 minute read & 45 minute watch

Scottsdale, Arizona

After working exclusively with seasoned, successful Entrepreneur Owner-Managers for the past forty years, I know that in a world full of “Farmers,” it can feel isolating to be the only “Hunter,” which is frequently how we EOMs feel in the mass popular culture we live in today.

That’s why I am such a massive proponent of CEO peer to peer groups like Strategic Coach, Genius Network, Abundance360, Vistage, Entrepreneurs Organization, YPO. While each of these groups has a different feel and a different style, there’s no doubt that having exclusively EOMs in a room with other EOMs creates a unique atmosphere of confidence, confidentiality, trust, and sharing. It can lead to massive learning and Aha moments (which it almost always does for me when I am with other business owners).

Recently I had the fun of being a participant in Joe Polish’s Genius Network and spent a few minutes on stage answering questions from Joe in front of his Genius Network Annual Event in Scottsdale. We thought you might enjoy the video that Joe’s Genius Network team produced.  You can watch it here


All rights and attribution for this video belong to the Genius Network®

What I am Reading / Listening to

New Amsterdam (2018)
Program Creator David Schulner
Based on Twelve Patients: Life and Death at Bellevue Hospital by Eric Manheimer

New Amsterdam is a Netflix series originally aired in 2018, now in its 5th season, that I just bumped into. Not a fan of the medical drama genre (never interested in Greys Anatomy or Marcus Welby or whatever), yet this series has some sustainable value. Given the level of uncertainty and utter lack of satisfaction with the “Sick Care” system today, New Amsterdam is counter cultural. Most enjoyable is watching the cast work together; it features some pretty good actors in some scenarios that most viewers can relate to. Lisa O’Hare as Georgia, and Tyler Labine as Dr. Fromm are particularly strong.

Professional critics despise this series (NY Mag says, “very dumb,” Atlantic Mag says, “the show may do harm to the health care system(!)”). It can get a little silly at times, but its portrayal of real (flawed) characters in plausible health-challenged situations is diverting and entertaining and filled with heart. I am no expert, but my family practice doc bride gave a whoop and a fist in the air when the Medical Director urged the medical staff: “Let’s get into some trouble. Let’s be doctors again.”

New Amsterdam NBC

Entrepreneur Owner-Manager Quote

"We had never even heard of ZD before! Bigelow uncovered their interest and now, we have teamed-up with the Chinese leader—one that is entrenched in our single largest potential growth market—Asia.”

-David N. Slutz, Former Chief Executive Officer of Precix


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