Positive Enterprise Value Podcast

Personal, unscripted interviews with high-performing Entrepreneurs from both for-profit and not-for-profit enterprises. Available for download.

A High Performing Entrepreneur Owner-Manager… or a Puzzle Maker?

This interview with Mark Taylor of Reading Plus is extremely engaging and relatable for any high performing EOM. HE openly explains what caused his “idealistic awakening” and realization that he wanted to fully own the leadership role of the business (which became a turning point for the company) before he could position it for its ultimate long term sustainable impact on the lives of millions of children—and positive impact on all the other stakeholders as well.

Entrepreneur Owner- Manager ROUND TRIP?!?

Why would someone—anyone—first acquire a fledgling business in their 30’s, invest 20 years building it into one of the most successful firms in its industry, choose the best fit next majority investor in a successful capital gain transaction, then retire from the business and join the public sector as a civil servant...only to acquire the business back again nine years later?

A Personal Logistics Business with White Glove Service

George Antoniadis always knew he’d be an entrepreneur. In this private, one on one interview with Pete Worrell, he describes how he took his “flying club” concept to what is now one of the top fractional aircraft ownership companies in the world.

An Accidental Entrepreneur

Join Pete and Meryl Levin from the Mills Fall Charter School as they talk about the path to entrepreneurship, activism, unique abilities and kryptonite in this hour-long, candid interview which took place in the storage room (really!) on the school's campus in Manchester, NH.

A Teenage Dream Coming True

John Ready talks about how his teenage years lobstering with his brother grew into a meaningful company to his family and to Premium Brands who acquired Ready Seafood in 2018.

Interview with Paul LeBlanc of SNHU

Paul LeBlanc is the motivational force behind an incredible growth and stabilization of SNHU. This conversation covers not just his background but also thoughts on being a high-profile leader in higher education and what lies ahead for him.

Interview with Allison Hooper of Vermont Creamery

Allison is the co-founder of VT Creamery. In this unscripted conversation, you'll hear her answers to what it was about her personal background that inspired her to start a goat cheese company? What are some memorable failures? And other questions that she candidly answers.