Positive Enterprise Value Podcast

Personal, unscripted interviews with high-performing Entrepreneurs from both for-profit and not-for-profit enterprises. Available for download.

Thirty Years of Family Dinners (or are they Board Meetings)?

George and Carrie Mock generously spend an hour or so with Pete, thinking aloud about the challenges of governing a family business, the work-life balance that accompanies that, the insights about the Company and industry that led to the decision to find Fuchs, and a few glimpses of what might be in the next chapter.

Digging Into a New Chapter

Gary Wilt and Pete have an entertaining and rapid-fire 45 minutes in Chattanooga talking about how Gary and his brother Terry’s journey resulted in the recapitalization of TAG Manufacturing, Inc. by CenterRock Capital Partners, LP.

An ‘Off-the-Shelf’ Entrepreneur Inspires Us to Rediscover The Power of Print

Thatcher Wine grew up in an entrepreneurial household (upstairs from the business in fact). He tried a stint in a large consulting firm before he got fired (just kidding, before he was “called”) and became a founding entrepreneur in the tech sector of a startup that didn’t gain traction. Paid the tuition on that education, then moved to Boulder and slowly, the idea for Juniper Books began to germinate.

Listening in on an EOM Scramble

At The Annual Bigelow Forum in September 2019 we experienced a…well let’s just say… an energetic group discussion among and between four seasoned, successful high performing Entrepreneur Owner-Managers (EOMs). Friends/Clients learning, growing and generously sharing their experiences with their EOM peers.

Continuing the Bigelow Forum Conversation with Harvard Professor, David Laibson

Find out what David's passions are, his thoughts on what is (and what is your) "unlearning" as we think about cognitive biases that negatively affect Owner- Manager good decision making. We also discuss why, as a senior professor, he lives in an undergraduate residence hall, and what his professional life may look like ten years from now.

A High Performing Entrepreneur Owner-Manager… or a Puzzle Maker?

This interview with Mark Taylor of Reading Plus is extremely engaging and relatable for any high performing EOM. HE openly explains what caused his “idealistic awakening” and realization that he wanted to fully own the leadership role of the business (which became a turning point for the company) before he could position it for its ultimate long term sustainable impact on the lives of millions of children—and positive impact on all the other stakeholders as well.

Entrepreneur Owner- Manager ROUND TRIP?!?

Why would someone—anyone—first acquire a fledgling business in their 30’s, invest 20 years building it into one of the most successful firms in its industry, choose the best fit next majority investor in a successful capital gain transaction, then retire from the business and join the public sector as a civil servant...only to acquire the business back again nine years later?

A Personal Logistics Business with White Glove Service

George Antoniadis always knew he’d be an entrepreneur. In this private, one on one interview with Pete Worrell, he describes how he took his “flying club” concept to what is now one of the top fractional aircraft ownership companies in the world.

An Accidental Entrepreneur

Join Pete and Meryl Levin from the Mills Fall Charter School as they talk about the path to entrepreneurship, activism, unique abilities and kryptonite in this hour-long, candid interview which took place in the storage room (really!) on the school's campus in Manchester, NH.