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Transaction Experiences Bigelow Advises WahlcoMetroflex, Inc. on its Acquisition By Senior Plc
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Transaction Experience

Bigelow Advises WahlcoMetroflex, Inc. on its Acquisition By Senior Plc


WahlcoMetroflex ( designs, manufactures and services a broad range of high performance isolation and flow control dampers, metallic and non-metallic expansion joints and related duct systems.  WMX products are designed for use on air pollution control systems and are in service in over 5,000 installations worldwide in power plants, refineries, chemical plants, pulp and paper mills, steel mills, incinerators and numerous other combustion and hot gas systems. These products include bypass diverters for combined cycle gas turbine applications, a broad array of louver dampers, guillotine dampers, butterfly dampers, as well as metal and fabric expansion joints for selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems and flue gas desulphurization (FGD) systems.

With a 50 year history, WMX has pursued a strategy of supplying a broad range of high quality products in the hot gas stream as well as having the flexibility and expertise of providing reliable systems in multiple end-market applications.


Senior Flexonics ( is a leading supplier of expansion joints, control bellows and hoses to the worldwide petrochemical, power generation and chemical processing industries.

WahlcoMetroflex, Inc. of Lewiston, Maine (“WMX”) announced that it has been acquired by Senior plc (LSE: SNR) of Rickmansworth, England.  This initiative represents the successful outcome of an engagement led by The Bigelow Company LLC on behalf of WMX to proactively seek the “Best New Majority Shareholder” for the company, and in so doing, provide a liquidity event for the Company’s Shareholders.

“We are thrilled to be teaming up with Senior Flexonics Pathways since we have always viewed them as a world leader in expansion joints and a desirable partner. Our leading position in high quality dampers and diverters combined with the resources and global presence of the Senior organization will allow us to grow more rapidly worldwide.” John Powell, President and CEO WMX
“We see adding the complementary high quality WalhcoMetroflex brand of heavy duty industrial dampers as a natural product extension to better serve our global customer base. Together we have considerable opportunity to leverage our extensive experience and contacts to accelerate WahlcoMetroflex’s domestic and international growth. The outstanding group of managers and employees, led by John Powell, will not change and they will continue to lead and grow the business.” Michael Sheppard, CEO Flexonics Group

Lewiston, Maine

has been acquired by

Rickmansworth, England

The undersigned initiated this transaction
and acted as M+A advisor to
WahlcoMetroflex, Inc.

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