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Positive Enterprise Value Blog Your Crowning Achievement Or Your Biggest Regret?
Crowning Achievement

Your Crowning Achievement Or Your Biggest Regret?

February 10, 2021

6 minute watch

Portsmouth, NH

Are you willing to plan for the succession of the management and ownership of your enterprise with the same enthusiasm and positive energy with which you took over the leadership of your enterprise all those years ago?

Summer comes to an end, the baseball season concludes, in life, we are all “terminal,” right? Even We Happy Few: Entrepreneur Owner-Managers. If you have exercised leadership of the business up to now, why wouldn’t you generously give of your leadership to assure its success after you?

In this brief video, Stephen McGee uses his trademark dry British humor coupled with twenty years of empathy and insight to think aloud with you about how executing a plan for your business’ next chapter can literally be your crowning achievement. 

What I am Reading / Listening to

Contributed by Marisa B. Lister

The Last House Guest (2019)
By Megan Miranda

Set in Littleport, Maine, a town clearly divided between the wealthy second-homers and the year rounders, The Last House Guest transports you to a caricature of a clichéd, seaside New England town.

At the center of the plot is Avery Greer, a local with a tumultuous history who has somehow managed to become part of the elite. The suspicious death of her best friend, Sadie Loman, the daughter of the most prominent second homeowners, catapults Avery to dive deep into a past she has tried very hard to forget and leave behind.  The mysteries she uncovers have her questioning everything she thought she knew and who she can trust.

Entrepreneur Owner-Manager Quote

“The Bigelow team was a huge part of our success. Who would have dreamed a high school graduate like me with only a $3,000 loan to his name could end up a multi-multi-millionaire?!?”

-Dave McCulloch, Founder & former President, Helical Solutions LLC


Energy Creation

Work Life Balance… no, work life integration. Biological family, chosen family. Saving for college…what will be the value of college in the future for our kids? A virus. Media hype. Quarantine. Schools are cancelled. School is at home. Political polarization. Minding the business. Taking care of elderly parents. And that’s not even the half of it.

In these times we are so reminded of our need for self-care in this quote from our friend, the author Ben Hardy, in his new book Personality Isn’t Permanent (2020):

“If you are serious about achieving goals and intentionally moving forward in your life, you must create an environment that shields you from most of the world.”

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