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Positive Enterprise Value Blog Insights About “The Next Chapter”: From One Who Transacted 10+ Years Ago
Podcast Ford Reiche

Insights About “The Next Chapter”: From One Who Transacted 10+ Years Ago

January 27, 2021

1 hour, 5 minute listen

Portsmouth, NH

In this candid, fast-paced, fun and funny interview, Ford Reiche and I visit how things have gone in his latest chapter. Ford divested Safe Handling, Inc. 10+ years ago, and exited the day to day management of it immediately.

With his characteristic mixture of expert knowledge and dry humor, Ford recounts some of his thinking about the next chapter while he was still in the business, and some of the experiments he has tried since the transaction. He offers valuable guidance for the establishment and operation of an “Operating Foundation” which both he and I believe may fit the philanthropic objectives of many Entrepreneur Owner-Managers.

Listen to the interview here:

What I am Reading / Listening to

Contributed by Marisa B. Lister

The Silent Patient (2019)
By Alex Michaelides

If you are looking for a psychological thriller with a very unexpected ending, then The Silent Patient is a must read. At the center of the plot is London-based psychotherapist Theo Faber who becomes obsessed with the story of Alicia Berenson – an up-and-coming painter who is convicted of brutally murdering her husband Gabriel (a notable fashion photographer).  Immediately following the murder, Alicia ceases speaking and is committed to a secure psychiatric unit, The Grove.

Six years after her conviction, Theo applies for a position at The Grove with the sole intention of treating Alicia believing she must be innocent. As Theo dives deeper into the life of Alicia and the various characters surrounding her life both prior to the murder and while at The Grove, his obsession becomes all-consuming threatening not only his personal life, but that of Alicia’s as well.

Entrepreneur Owner-Manager Quote

“My friends at Bigelow helped to unravel the mystery in my mind about the marketplace, valuation, where my heart and spirit were residing and… how to place all the pieces together. They helped to craft, orchestrate, and execute a complicated opportunity into a future for me, and for all the people at Sunbelt that mattered dearly. I could not have asked for a better group to work with and befriend!”

-Jim Landino, Founder & former CEO of Sunbelt Transformer Ltd.


Energy Creation

I had the fun of having coffee recently with a thirty-year friend who is a serial entrepreneur and idea generator.  As you know, I gain much of my positive energy from spending time with, learning from, and helping to free Entrepreneur Owner-Managers for the next chapter of their lives.

Well, after having coffee with my friend, I received the following email from her which gave me a dramatic and moving reminder of exactly why I chose to dedicate my life to working exclusively with EOMs.


Always a pleasure! 

Grateful for the invitation to catch up over a cup of coffee. Nothing can ever truly replace being physically present can it? I believe that even the staunchest of introverts ache for that now and again during this pandemic.

Appreciate your ability to carve out time, thank you for that. I’m smiling at the nuggets I took away yesterday.  My top ones in no particular order:

  1. While in-person plant tours complete with grit, noise, smells and safety tape might be a thing of the past, CEO’s are learning that they do have a “voice for radio” with their video narration.
  2. Some EOM’s who have taken over their family’s business, understand the value you and your team brought a generation ago and are eager to engage with you as they now steer the ship. Relationships matter!
  3. There is no “I” in team. Collaboration + Iteration = “The Grand Tada” that all can celebrate. This one hit home for me, not because I don’t know this, but when you spend a decade as a solopreneur, some of those skills need dusting off and a little “physical therapy” to come back to full strength.
  4. There are still meaningful wedding gifts being unwrapped out there that not only don’t tarnish but help build a foundation.
  5. We both agree it will be harder for the people around the world to “unfear” themselves than it was to talk themselves into “fear” in the first place.
  6. There is no room for pouting during a pandemic, only space to re-evaluate and re-invent.
  7. You do have the ability to be a good patient. 
  8. While curiosity might have killed the cat, it’s a cornerstone that nourishes empathy, self-awareness and relationships both personal and professional.

Until next time, Pete. Please give my best to your family.

Take Care,


Energy Creation
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