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Positive Enterprise Value Blog Honoring Our Admired Friend Cary Corkin (1951-2022)
Honoring Our Admired Friend Cary Corkin (1951-2022)

Honoring Our Admired Friend Cary Corkin (1951-2022)

August 17, 2022

45 minute listen

Portsmouth, NH

Last week we lost a dear friend.  Cary Corkin, husband, father, brother, uncle, friend, entrepreneur, President & CEO of The Entwistle Company, passed away unexpectedly on August 8, 2022.

We spent a memorable couple of years intimately working with Cary, and his team at Entwistle, as they readied themselves for a capital gain event. Ultimately, the stockholders chose NTC Group as the best new majority investor to sustain Entwistle’s success.  To help assure a terrific transition, Cary responsibly agreed to stay on for an extended period of time; gradually stepping down his time commitment so he could spend more time with his wife Nancy, their kids, and grandkids.  He was due to be fully free from his Entwistle responsibilities on October 1st.

In May, Cary and Nancy enthusiastically participated in the Annual Bigelow Forum and Cary educated and entertained the audience as a panel participant with his usual aliveness, sparkling wit, and self-deprecating humor, and a boat load of wise insights on business and on life, too.  Cary was one of life's better—no, best—people.  Words can't express how heartbroken we are to have lost such a good friend.

This week's Positive Enterprise Value post is dedicated to Cary.  We are republishing his podcast interview so we can all share in his wisdom together one more time.

Cary changed us for the better. Rest in peace, Cary.  From all your friends at Bigelow.

Listen to the interview here

Cary's obituary can be found here

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