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Positive Enterprise Value Blog Food Is Life, Art, & Love… the Hearth Food Garden
Food Is Life, Art, & Love… the Hearth Food Garden

Food Is Life, Art, & Love… the Hearth Food Garden

November 16, 2022

1 hour and 9-minute listen

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Today’s interviewee on this episode of the Positive Enterprise Value Podcast is Heidi Feinstein. Heidi is the CEO of Hearth Food Garden, a startup business in formation which will open its European style food market on the street level of 60 Penhallow Street in downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire sometime in late 2022.

Heidi, whose warmth and charisma oozes through in this podcast, previously was a super successful restaurateur as the Founder and CEO of Life Alive Cafes, which she called the Life Alive Urban Oasis and Organic Cafes, which she built into a very significant and successful business in the Boston area over 10 to 12 years.

Heidi then moved to the seacoast of New Hampshire and was searching for a way to transform the local food scene, which she's doing with the Hearth Garden, centrally located in downtown Portsmouth.

Heidi and I talk about her background, some of her hopes and dreams for the Hearth Food Garden, as well as some of the things that she's learned along the way with Life Alive and other places. You'll hear her laugh about some of her learnings, some unlearnings, and some of her plans for how the Hearth Food Garden will actually be different than what she created with Life Alive.

I hope you'll enjoy this interview with Heidi as much as I did

Listen below or on Soundcloud here

What I am Reading / Listening to

What's in It for Them? 9 Genius Networking Principles to Get What You Want by Helping Others Get What They Want (2022)
by Joe Polish

Joe Polish has written the definitive work of our time on relationship building.

Joe earned a Doctorate from the University of Entrepreneurial Scar Tissue. Unlike most of us, he not only learns from his journey along the way, but he generously shares it with others.

My friends and colleagues know that often I look at, and try to decode EOM behavior, which may not be in their best interest. I am always asking why. I usually ask not, “why the behavior,” but “where’s the pain that’s causing the behavior”? What’s the stone in their shoe that’s making them act out?  Hey, as high-performing EOMs we are independent critical thinkers—what Dan Sullivan comically calls us 'the weird kids in the room'. So, when I saw that Joe’s first chapter is called “How Are They Suffering and How Can I Help” well…I just clicked with it.

As he is in person, so he is on the page. Joe is incredibly brave; he allows himself to be completely vulnerable, and for that reason, utterly authentic. When he gives coaching, it’s coming from learned experience. And a combination of head and heart.

This book is a terrific learning experience for those who want to understand the difference between networking (something computers do), and relationship building (something homo sapiens long for).

Entrepreneur Owner-Manager Quote

“It is the desire of all parents to want their children to grow and succeed. We had a unique opportunity to start a business, bring the family into the business, step aside and watch “Team Dunn” and their families focus and grow the business. We harvested the fruits of their labor at the right time in all of our lives!...what a miracle for our families, thank you!”

-Chet Dunn, Founder of Dunn Industries, Inc.


Energy Creation

I have always counseled, “who’ll you be in the next ten years is a function of the books you read and who are your six closest friends.” Show me who you hang out with, and I will tell you the quality of your life. Their opinion really matters (to your confidence).

If you want to have a much bigger future, will your six closest friends be thrilled for you, supportive, excited at your 10X growth? Or will they not—and want you to stay as you are or worse, as they remember you years ago?

Do you actively discard relationships that no longer serve you? If you do, you are voting for your own future sunrise. If not, you may be settling for harmony but… no achievement.

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