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Positive Enterprise Value Blog An “Off-the-Shelf” Entrepreneur Inspires Us to Rediscover The Power of Print
Podcast Interview

An “Off-the-Shelf” Entrepreneur Inspires Us to Rediscover The Power of Print

December 4, 2019

1 hour 22 minute listen

Boulder, CO

Thatcher Wine grew up in an entrepreneurial household (upstairs from the business in fact). He tried a stint in a large consulting firm before he got fired (just kidding, before he was “called”) and became a founding entrepreneur in the tech sector of a startup that didn’t gain traction. He paid the tuition on that education, then moved to Boulder and slowly, the idea for Juniper Books began to germinate. Juniper is now a leading provider of curated libraries for both residential and institutional customers—some of them with Juniper’s artistic custom jackets.

Listen to Thatcher’s incredibly candid and thought provoking interview here:

What I am Reading / Listening to

The Guardians
By John Grisham

Contributed by Denise C. Burke

What is it about great fiction—especially the thriller genre—that so transports us out of our world and into its world? As an avid reader, I’m always looking for a great legal thriller.  I found John Grisham’s early novels, particularly A Time to Kill and The Firm, totally engaging with well developed story lines and interesting characters.  His more recent work lost my interest.  But after reading some early reviews of The Guardians I decided to give it a try and was pleasantly surprised.  The topic, plot twists, and characters were vintage Grisham.

The story is centered around an old murder of a local attorney, Keith Russo, in a small Florida town.  Quincy Miller, a young black man and former client of Russo, was tried and convicted of the murder and ultimately sent to death row. From the beginning, Miller proclaimed his innocence.

Fast forward twenty-two years…Cullen Post, a lawyer and Episcopal minister, takes on Quincy Miller’s case through his small non-profit organization, Guardian Ministries.  Post and his Guardian colleagues work tirelessly (and pro bono) and with incredible passion to advocate for and ultimately exonerate the wrongfully imprisoned.  As they put their collective efforts into helping Quincy, adversaries with their own agendas are determined to ensure he never leaves prison.

The Guardians is hard to put down.  It addresses the many injustices in our legal system, police corruption, the death penalty, the hardships of imprisonment, and real-life challenges of re-entry to society.  In the end Grisham reveals that his character, Cullen Post, is based on a real life lawyer/preacher named James McCloskey and his non-profit Centurion Ministries, and the plot is also based on a true story of a man wrongfully convicted for murder.  Makes you think.



Entrepreneur Owner-Manager Quote

“I’m in charge of making sure the ship keeps sailing… no pressure!” 

-David Francis, President & CEO, Fowler High Precision


D. Francis

Energy Creation

Contributed by Amanda L. Sylvester


For years I have been attracted to the practice of meditation, and have learned about the health benefits that come along with it. We all see those people in movies and on social media, sitting on their yoga mats, successfully escaping the distractions of life in a state of zen.  How nice that must be, to develop the ability to tune out that constant voice rattling off my to-do list items!?!

After numerous attempts at various meditation apps, I finally realized that meditation is not a one size fits all.  My personal form of meditation is running—when I tie up my running shoes and turn on that perfect playlist. After two or three miles, something “clicks.”

I seem to find my rhythm and I find MY zen—no calls, no text messages, no emails, no over thinking how that meeting went the day before.  All I need to focus on when I run is myself, my breathing and my always favorite destination of “I’m definitely lost again.” Somehow that always calms my mind.

So, for me the simple action of running has become so much more. Running has taught me to be present and to focus.  I try to carry that mental state with me for the remainder of my day. While there is a list of accomplishments I am grateful for that long distance running has given me, there is one lesson that I find to be the most important – I am always capable of more than I ever realized.


Amanda Sylvester
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