Interview with Allison Hooper of Vermont Creamery

Allison is the co-founder of VT Creamery. In this unscripted conversation, you'll hear her answers to what it was about her personal background that inspired her to start a goat cheese company? What are some memorable failures? And other questions that she candidly answers.


Today I am tickled to share with you the interesting and fun recorded conversation I had last month with my friend Allison Hooper. Allison is the co-Founder of Vermont Creamery (now owned by the farmer-owned coop Land O’Lakes). Allison is a globally recognized leader in the branded, artisanal farm to table movement.

Allison and I had an essentially private conversation between just the two of us about some of the twists and turns over the last thirty years of Allison’s journey that you will be able to listen in to. You can overhear the breadcrumbs she’s left along the way for other high performing EOMs; the learning and unlearning, the knowing and not-knowing.