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EOM Stories Hubbardton Forge Recapitalized With An Investment By Lineage Capital

EOM Stories

Hubbardton Forge Recapitalized With An Investment By Lineage Capital


Vermont-based Hubbardton Forge Corporation (“the Forge”) is the leading designer and manufacturer of high-end, aesthetically-beautiful, hand-forged lighting products. The Company is distinguished by a focus on innovative product design and development, outstanding customer service, domestic manufacturing, and a strong corporate culture.

Bigelow Assignment

Leave operating and board control with the existing shareholders, and allow the CFO to retire after a short transition period. It was important to shareholders to maintain operations in Vermont and commit to a major facility expansion. Maintaining a profit sharing plan shared with all employees and providing non-owner management with a significant ownership stake was also a must-have for the shareholders.


Bigelow pre-qualified a distinct group of best-fit investors who were amenable to the Forge’s must-have criteria. Bigelow created a customized process (Attributes Analysis Report) that ranked prospective investors not by price, but by their strengths and weaknesses relative to the Forge’s Core Beliefs and Values.

“The whole deal was based on finding a very specific partner, and the subtleties of the match were very important. Had Bigelow been more into buying and selling than into listening, it would not have worked. We were afraid of losing what makes the company special, and were relying on Bigelow to help us find the right match.” George Chandler, President & CEO Hubbardton Forge Corp.
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“This is the second time that Bigelow has identified an entrepreneurial company that fits perfectly with our true partnership business model. We couldn’t have closed this deal without Bigelow’s unwavering commitment to their client.” Mark E. Sullivan Partner Lineage Capital, LLC


Bigelow’s customized approach led to a range of highly qualified offers from which the Forge could select the best fit. A competitive environment enabled the Forge to achieve its must haves while achieving a market valuation. The Forge’s founders maintained operating and board control while obtaining an infusion of capital and resources to ensure ongoing stability and continuing growth.

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