Building Your Advisory Team

Teams work best when members are focused on the same goal and there is role clarity. Objectivity, insight, energy, chemistry, and sense of humor are some characteristics of advisors you want working with you. Who’s on your team?

Movers, Shakers & Dealmakers

What does having a positive outcome mean when you're looking at a capital gain someday? Who are the people involved…

Enterprise Value

Pete Worrell’s first book is written for seasoned, successful Entrepreneur Owner-Managers who are thinking about the long-term sustainability of their organizations, beyond their personal ownership of it. It is constructed on the theoretical foundations of corporate finance and positive psychology but is informed and flavored with entertaining real-life, first-person stories that illustrate its lessons about ownership and management succession.

Six Things You Can Do Right Now

Enterprising business owners will find a wealth of useful advice in If You Want to Earn a Capital Gain Someday: Six Things You Can Do Right Now (2015), a new book from the partners of Bigelow LLC (Pete Worrell, Dave Linton, and Rob MacLeod) that has just been published by Blue Tree. This practical, hands-on book is filled with nuggets of information—and recommendations—from veterans of the private transaction market that any private business owner will be able to put to immediate use.