R. Taylor Breed

Vice President

Taylor's innate curiosity, love of learning, and technical ability are a great cultural match for Bigelow.

Taylor believes Bigelow’s genuine focus on the people at each step of a client engagement, in addition to its creative, analytical rigor, results in the best possible outcome for all stakeholders. Prior to joining Bigelow, Taylor spent several years in New York City working in the Private Fund Group at Credit Suisse advising Private Equity firms on their fundraising initiatives and was previously a member of the Investment Banking Groups at Barclays Bank and Nomura Securities.

He started his career in Washington, D.C. working at the Corporate Executive Board, before joining a non-profit initiative at buildOn to build schools in villages in developing countries.

Taylor earned his Master of Business Administration from Georgetown University and his Bachelor of Arts in Economics & History from Vanderbilt University.

Taylor is FINRA licensed Series 7, 63, and 79.

  • Do you have any skills or talents that most people don't know about?

    Oddly enough, I needlepoint occasionally. I started doing it when I was living and working in New York City, and it was a mindless, almost meditative way to wind down after working crazy hours. Less involved than reading, no blue light, and eventually you’ll find you actually created something.

  • Favorite subject in school / high school?

    Hands down my favorite subject has always been History. I love learning about what has happened in the past, and thinking through how it affects us today. Further, I’ll let my mind wander in the context of different historical events, and create a fiction around what that experience might have looked and felt like. It always amazes me how history, and the individuals who fill it, can often be more textured and colorful than fiction.

  • What is your greatest fear?

    My greatest fear is that someday at the end of my life I’ll look back and have not made a dent on the universe. It doesn’t have to be a big dent, but to feel like the life I lived mattered, and that I helped the people around me improve their lives, is crucial.

  • What or Who are you Grateful for?

    I’m extremely grateful for my parents. They’ve both passed away, but they were extraordinary people who cared about each other, their families and friends, their communities, and themselves. They provided incredible examples of how to live full lives with humility, grace, and impact.

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