Brock A. Toner


Not only did Brock have great experience and educational background, he was hungry for a tribe, and resonated with Bigelow’s culture and strategy.

Brock believes in Bigelow’s singular focus on Entrepreneur Owner-Managers and loves working alongside successful EOMs and learning about their high-performing companies.  In his role as Associate, Brock supports engagement teams with data gathering, financial modeling, investor research, market research, and many other important tasks for live engagements.

Originally from North Carolina, he spent several years in Montana where he was previously an Analyst at boutique advisor Compass Advisors. He’s also an entrepreneur—he started his own practice researching investors for other M&A firms.

Brock earned both his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Master of Accounting from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

FINRA licensed Series 79.

  • What was your first job?

    Working in the QA department at my dad’s machine shop. I learned a ton about manufacturing and got to enjoy countless (free) lunches with my dad.

  • What risk in your life are you happy that you took?

    Moving to Montana shortly after college. I found a room for rent on Craigslist and headed to Bozeman without a job or friends. The trout fisheries and annual snowfall drove me West, and I bet on myself to figure the rest out. In Bozeman, I met my fiancé, started my career in M&A, and had great experiences fishing and skiing. The risk definitely paid off.

  • What is your best habit?

    Discipline in finding time to go running. It can be tough getting started, especially when it’s cold outside, but not once have I regretted going for a run.

  • What is something new you recently tried and loved?

    Surfing. I’m new to the Seacoast and have not ever lived in a coastal town, so I’m brand new to the sport. I have a lot to learn, but I’m excited to continue improving.

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