Amanda J. Telford

“Amanda not only understandsꟷshe completely appreciates the mulitple push-pull our EOM clients/friends feel on a daily basisꟷbecause she has personally lived it.”


As a member of Client Services, Amanda weaves together the pieces of a transaction to move it to a successful conclusion. Using a mixture of project management, problem solving, and coordination, she approaches each step of the process with an eye toward finding the best solution for the client. Understanding that for many clients, this is a new and most-likely life-changing experience, her focus is on helping our clients work their way to a new majority owner knowing they have a strong, supportive team behind them.

Amanda’s work to create, manage and grow Bigelow’s outward facing attraction strategies draws from her broad experience in running her own businesses. Balancing the needs of growth strategy and relationship building allows her to develop outreach strategies with a consideration of the unique client base Bigelow services in Entrepreneur Owner-Managers.

In addition, Amanda’s background in a variety of business types allows her to understand the process of starting, growing, and exiting a business. She held positions at Redhook Ale Brewery as it grew and merged with another company, ultimately leading it as General Manager of the Portsmouth facility, and started and ran three businesses, one not-for-profit, one software based and one in Consumer Packaged Goods.

Amanda received her Masters of Education from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst and her Bachelor of Arts from Cornell University. She lives in Portsmouth with her two teenagers and black lab, Tahoe and loves to cook, read, swim, paddleboard, and spend time outdoors with her kids. As a co-founder, she firmly supports the work of Womenaid of Greater Portsmouth, and has volunteered with the Seacoast Community School, NHSPCA and Portsmouth Music and Arts Center.

Character Strengths

  • Humility
  • Love of Learning
  • Leadership
  • Curiousity
  • Zest